Saturday, 4 April 2015

Oh well, at least somebody’s finding my work of use…

….pity it’s not my employer!

Regular readers will know the ongoing struggle that I am having with my organisation in terms of enabling anything beyond ‘click next’ type elearning, it will probably come as no surprise to many that I have considered letting this blog fizzle out for similar reasons as Karyn Romeis, however I have always been aware that my best chance of securing another job with a more forward thinking organisation lies with being able to demo an up-to-date knowledge of the industry. This blog enables me to do that, albeit with a constant niggling voice in my head saying “what if nobody finds this info useful” “what if I’ve misinterpreted what organisations want/need”

So you’ll understand my relief to receive this tweet over the weekend from Mike Collins

When I first started blogging my initial reasons (as I suspect most new bloggers will testify to) was to provide a space to reflect upon my experiences and through that reflection provide a valuable learning opportunity. However over my short blogging experience I have to admit that I now look for blogging opportunities which may be of benefit to others.

In a forthcoming podcast I’ll be chatting to some other bloggers and asking “why do they do it”, but in the meantime Dear Reader what about you?

Do you blog?

If so, why?

Do you gain ideas and inspiration from other’s blogs?

If so what?

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