Friday, 3 April 2015

What happens on my way to work….

Since I started work in my new Organisation, I’ve facilitated a few Lunch & Learn sessions  on the subject (unsurprisingly) of using technology to enhance and enrich what the HR team offer and how they offer it.

One of my sessions included this much publicised infographic

What happens in an internet minute

which generated a great deal of surprise and in turn, discussion – Great!

Prior to facilitating the session for the second time (I facilitate each session twice to hopefully attract as many attendees as possible) I reflected on the fact that the infographic references a ‘minute’; a period of time we are all familiar with, but one that let’s be honest is a bit too ‘abstract’ to the majority of people.

I then decided to approach the ‘time’ aspect with something that many people will be all-too-familiar with – the time it takes to commute to work.

Here’s a video that I put together to help to illustrate just how much is taking place on the t’internet as we all travel work (and on this particular occasion during my 38 minute daily cycle commute to work)

I’m not overly happy with the angle of the video, but to be honest it was a Flip camera ‘masking taped’ to my cycling to my helmet so I guess I should be happy that it didn’t fall off mid-commute!

View the original article here

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